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Leave manual interpretations behind.

Microscopy automation made accessible to every laboratory.

The New Standard
in Clinical Microscopy

Unprecedented affordability. 

Unmatched ease of use.

Fully automated.

Abstract Background

Essential microscopy solution for every laboratory.

We are developing an automated computational microscopy solution that will bring unparalleled efficiency and precision to microscopy testing and become an essential piece of equipment in every lab.

Novel microscopy technology

Computational microscopy 
replaces high-precision optics with inexpensive compute hardware and software algorithms.

Versatility in Application

Microscopy solution that can fit any laboratory from community clinical labs with limited resources to high volume reference labs aiming for total workflow automation.

AI-powered analysis

Our solution can offer  assisted or fully automated analysis and interpretations of clinical samples.

Unmatched productivity. Impeccable accuracy.

Clinical laboratories are dealing with increasing demand for laboratory testing while facing severe labor shortages with pressure to deliver rapid results, improve quality, and cut costs.

Manual microscopy testing is a labor-intensive and error-prone process  dependent on a highly technical and skilled workforce.

Our solution is a low-cost, solid-state, minimalist imaging instrument, leveraging the latest advancements in image sensor technology and high-performance embedded computational hardware. By utilizing numerical reconstruction and AI algorithms, it generates high-resolution digital images and automatically analyzes data to provide accurate results.

New level of precision and efficiency in laboratory testing.

Discover our game-changing automated computational microscopy solution.

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